Why to have the RC Insurance?

Créer une société sàrl, SA, Raison Individuelle

– Civil Responsibility, Liability Insurance known as RC (highly recommended)

This insurance covers the dammages you do involuntary in the apartment.
The personal liability module covers claims for personal injury and property damage that are filed privately against you or members of your family.
These include loss and damage for which you are responsible, whether in your capacity as a homeowner, tenant, subtenant, pet owner or during sports activities.
Coverage is also provided for defending yourself against unjustified claims.

Supplementary insurances
You can tailor your liability insurance by selecting different additional modules, including for instance:
Internet legal protection
Horse rentals, hunting, model planes, kite boarding, Para gliding

The RC insurance contract is 5 years contract.
The annual cost: 120.- Swiss Franc to 200.- Swiss Franc