Swiss Flats Relocation is on the Americain TV

Swiss Flats in the American TV show HHI

SWISS FLATS Relocation has been chosen for casting in Lausanne.

Our agency has been chosen by the Américain TV show House Hunters International, HHI for casting in Lausanne on 24th November 2017.

The HHI show follows a couple who is searching to rent or to buy an apartment in a chosen city in the 4 corners of the globe.

2 houses or 3 houses are listed to show to the couple After the visit, the couple determines the positive points nd the negative points of the visited house.

After visiting the 2 or the 3 houses, the couple decide which house to buy or to rent.

Between the visits, the TV show gives some information about the city and its history.

The TV show was in Geneva in the Season 26, Episode 13
Season 26, Episode 13
Jumping to Geneva, Switzerland
American Becky Hammel fell in love with England native Robert MacDonald and moved immediately to the UK. She’s been a fish out of water in his world ever since. When Robert’s company offered a position in their new office in Geneva, Becky jumped at the opportunity. It’s an experience for the whole family. With the two kids in tow they’re going to find a home for all of them, in the worlds Fourth most expensive city. Will they have enough money to find a place, or will they have to dig deep to meet their expectations? Find out as house hunters sets down in Geneva, Switzerland.
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The TV show was in Geneva in the Season 36, Episode 2
Season 36, Episode 2
Family-Sized Apartments in Geneva’s Suburbs
The chance to live and work in Switzerland has Bernie and Minoo giving up their beloved forever home in blustery Calgary. But they’ve never lived in an apartment before and trying to clone the spaciousness they took for granted in one of the world’s most expensive cities to live in could leave this Canadian family feeling a little home sick. It’s a lesson in downsizing, with relocation expert Sabine Baerlocher, when House Hunters heads to Geneva, Switzerland.
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We are happy to welcome the casting team in Lausanne and show them the beauty of our region.

Our relocation consultant Ms Senn participated in the casting.