Michelle Ponto

SWISS FLAT is the best relocation agency for expats in the Lausanne area. Really. I was reluctant at first to use an agency but was so glad I did or else I would not have found my amazing apartment. SWISS Flat’s relocation agency is located in Lausanne by the main train station so they are easy to find for new expats to the area. And they do more than help you find a flat in Lausanne. I didn’t speak much French when I arrived from the US, so Carmela and Awni came with me to every viewing to help translate and ask questions. They took the time to find exactly what I wanted and then searched the area to find apartments that met my price range and my living style. Their helpfulness and above and beyond customer service was exceptional. They really catered to my needs and wanted me to feel settled in the area. In addition to helping me find a place,they helped me get a SIM card (if you think picking a phone plan is hard in the US, try figuring it out when you can’t speak the language), get the insurance needed to get an apartment, figure out how the metro worked, and even helped me set up a Swiss bank account. Any question I had, they didn’t simply email me a link, but went with me to help me get it done. They knew I liked good food and running so even pointed out the best places to do this in the area. As an expat, I’ve lived in a bunch of places, but getting an apartment in Switzerland isn’t the same as other countries. For every place I liked, 50 other applicants also wanted it. Carmela personally spoke to everyone possible to make sure they remembered my application, which was something I wouldn’t be able to do myself. Knowing I had the SWISS FLAT team backing me up to get my flat helped reduce the stress of finding an apartment considerably. I can’t thank them enough and highly recommend them for expats looking for an apartment in Lausanne and the surrounding area.